The Potent 5 Technologies
in FGXpress Power Strips

What exactly makes FGXpress Power Strips so effective as a natural pain reliever that the FDA has it listed as a Class 1 Medical Device?

The answer is these 5 technologies that blend ancient natural ingredients with state-of-the-art modern healing techniques.

What's In Power Strips?

This Patented Formula of Ancient Herbs
and Modern Health Boosters

Power Strips have two sides: the inside and the outside, both with their own unique tasks to fulfill. The outer layer contains —

1) Elemental Germanium, which creates a portable far-infrared treatment — the first and most directly related to natural pain relief of the 5 technologies
The inner, natural-adhesive layer contains a proprietary blend of 3 potent ingredients, each specially produced for maximum results —
2) Specially-prepared Korean Red Ginseng, for unprecedented healing action

3) Open-cell Alpha 3 CMP Marine Phytoplankton, for massive nutrient boost

4) Silver Ions, as a protective shield against bacteria and other microbes

... in a base that includes Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium.

The fifth technology is the delivery system itself —

5) Transdermal patches. for the most efficient absorption

We'll introduce these ingredients briefly here, but each of these 5 technologies is really worth a good look of its own, so please follow the links to their specific articles. These will show you what conditions they've been proven effective for.

The more you investigate, the more you’ll be impressed and excited, as I was, when you begin to realise the immense potential of this as a health product on top of a natural pain relief remedy.

Delivery System

You may have heard that the medical community is all aflutter over "transdermal delivery systems" for medications.

Power Strips Transdermal Skin-Absorption Delivery ©
It sounds high-tech, and I guess it is in a way, but it's actually very simple. It just means you take in the medications through the skin, instead of by swallowing them.

This turns out to be incredibly effective, and it's the direction that pain relief medication in particular is heading. (It's perfect for pain relief because there's a built-in time-release of the active ingredients.)

Find out the many reasons why this is an improvement over ingesting pills, in this article on Skin Absorption.

And the adhesive itself has been specially designed to be gentle even on sensitive skin.

After all, Power Strips are made for daily use as a health-booster and pain-buster — it's got to be easy on the skin! (There's more about this in the previous linked article as well.)

(Have extra-sensitive skin? Find out whether Power Strips will work for you, with this article on Sensitive Skin.)

Portable Far-Infrared Treatment Device

Far Infrared Rays' Energizing Effect Is Visible -

The second benefit to having Power Strips' 5 technologies wrapped up in one little patch is a brilliant revolution in natural healing.

The exterior layer contains elemental Germanium, which is a natural mineral with a very special property. It reflects your own body heat back deep within you in the far-infrared spectrum.

So when you apply it, you get an effortless, powerful far-infrared treatment wherever you are, wherever you go!

No more being tied to clunky machinery to reap the benefits of this modern healing remedy. Wink ©

Dr Minsu Kim, the creator of these pain-relief patches, calls this Wave Energy Technology. He believes that as well as decreasing pain, it increases health by adding vital energy to your body.

(Find out more about how this natural remedy works and what it does for your body in the article on Germanium's Far Infrared Treatment.)

ANCIENT "CURE-ALL": Korean Red Ginseng

Another name for Korean Red Ginseng is Panax, which means Cure-All in English. It has a history of thousands of years use in Asia, and now western science is eagerly studying and cataloguing its impressive health benefits.
Power Strips' Korean Red Ginseng (Panax, Cure-All) with Saponin ©

This is one of the most exciting things in the Power Strips.

Science is finding that Korean Red Ginseng, and in particular its unique component Saponin, has amazing potential for so many health problems. It's creating fantastic results for people, which is I guess why those wise ancient healers called it "Cure-All." Wink ©

(Find out more about this here: Korean Red Ginseng's Saponin.)

What you most need to know about Korean Red Ginseng is:

  1. It has properties no other herb does — not even other kinds of ginseng come close!
  2. It works wherever your body needs it most — endocrine system, immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, and metabolism
  3. It doesn’t work as well if you eat it — the process of digestion kills a lot of the active ingredient.

    (This is why they say, "The Power Strip advantage is delivery!
" The transdermal application bypasses the stomach and liver, delivering the elements directly into your body for the maximum benefit to you.)

Earth's Original Super-Food

Marine Phytoplankton: Diatoms -
Marine Phytoplankton is one of the most complete sources of nutrition on Earth — the original SuperFood! It contains almost every single thing that your body needs to sustain health, and to restore health that's been lost.

(Hint: If you're in pain, some health has been lost!) Wink ©

There's a bit of a trick to this, though. In its natural state, we can't digest marine phytoplankton to access all its super-nutrition yumminess.

That's why FGXpress developed its proprietary (i.e., unique to their company) method to make this powerful nutrient available to the body. It's called Alpha 3 CMP. I have absolutely no idea what that means, but I do know that it makes the nutrients so fully available to your cells that it's like it's been predigested. But in a nice clean sanitary way. Smilie ©

Find out more about the "miracles" of Marine Phytoplankton here.

Ionic Silver

Ionic silver is included in FGXpress Power Strips because it has such powerful anti-microbial effects.

Silver has been used as a natural remedy for millennia to fight off and protect against infections from many bacteria, viruses, funguses, and protozoa. It's been widely used as a disinfectant and antibacterial solution because of its ability to safely and effectively reduce contamination by microbes.

(Find out more about silver's benefits and history.)

Silver ions have been added to FGXpress Power Strips for that very reason, giving yet another health-protecting aspect to this awesome stuff.

Bonus: Secret 6th Technology

There's something else in FGXpress Power Strips, something that no one else seems to be talking about.

PowerStrip -
Have you noticed, written on the strips, is the word Love in a dozen or so languages?

FGXpress doesn't talk about why they've done this. But to me, this is a secret sixth technology in the strips.

You may have heard about the work of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto with water crystals. He found that by exposing water to different words, thoughts, or emotions, even music, the crystals froze into different patterns.

From words of love, gratitude, and prayer, the most gorgeous, intricate miniature ice-mandalas spontaneously formed as the water was slowly frozen.

In contrast, words of hatred and violence resulted in water crystals that look very similar to the smeared, shapeless water crystals formed by polluted water! And polluted water can then be made to form beautiful crystals by praying over it.

It's fascinating stuff!

And I think it's been put to work on our Power Strips. Think about it — your body is 70-95% water! Imagine the power of words, on the mass of water that creates your body!

Note: To satisfy the FDA and its watchdogs, who would certainly dispute such a "metaphysical" statement, I'm not making any claims about this, and FGXpress certainly hasn't said anything. Just an intriguing thought. Smilie ©

The Whole Greater Than The Parts

FGXpress Power Strips: The Intention Is Love ©
The really neat thing about the 5 technologies in FGXpress Power Strips is that they work together in a synergystic way. In other words, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

As the far-infrared energy dilates the blood vessels, it allows cells to receive more oxygen and nutrition. Simultaneously, the patch delivers super-nutrition! So your body not only gets this great nutritional boost, it can really make the most of it, thanks to the germanium doing its job.

This makes every cell in the body healthier, functioning better, and maintaining or returning to health.

These 5 Technologies Kick Pain's Butt

FGXpress Power Strips -

So you see Power Strips' patented 5 technologies use ancient herbs and energy-wave technology to provide safe, healthy, and absolutely natural healing to your body.

When this healing happens, pain diminishes, naturally and inevitably and surprisingly quickly... safely and with no harmful or unpleasant side-effects. So much better than painkillers that merely block the pain receptors!

Are you ready to kick your pain away and regain your life, now that you understand the incredible potential of these 5 technologies?

I hope so! Because you deserve the fullness of life, and because the world needs all of us to be functioning at our best.

So please try these! You may not decide to continue using them (here are common reasons why some people don't), but I promise that you won't regret it either. Feeling better, even for a little while, is worth it!

No good reason to delay feeling better is there? Click here and get your natural pain relief strips on their way to you now, so you can feel better soonest.

Dedicated to Your and the Earth's Wellness,

Erin D.    
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