FDA Approved Pain Relief 
That's Natural??

Shall I make a confession?

When I first heard that the FDA had approved FGXpress Power Strips, I became very suspicious!

The US Food and Drug Administration isn't the best source of credibility for health products, in my books... more like a pawn of corporations. And healthy, natural remedies generally get attacked by them rather than endorsed.

So what's up with that? Were the Power Strips just some corporate gimmick?

That's when I really started to do my research, finding out how the ingredients work. In the end, I figured out why they're boasting about this, instead of being kind of embarrassed. ; )

I think the Food and Drug Administration had to approve it, even though it's a natural remedy, because it's so effective.

And that's boastable, because it's almost unprecedented for natural remedies to get FDA approval.

So, what exactly does it all mean?

Being listed confirms that FGXpress Power Strips truly are safe and effective for pain relief. These little strips are actually listed as a Class 1 Medical Device — the first of its kind to get this kind of listing!

This is the actual documentation, taken from the official website:

FGXpress Power Strips: FDA Approved >     <BR clear=

After I did my research, I suddenly became impressed that this kind of natural remedy could actually get their stamp of approval.

Of course, once I'd used it for a while, it made perfect sense. (You can find out why in my story, here.)

Why Does This FDA Approval Matter?

There are two important reassurances Food and Drug Administration approval provides:

1)   It confirms the Power Strips' effectiveness, and

2)   It affirms the Power Strips' safety.

There are two other considerations...

1)   No other natural pain relief remedy I know of has this approval, let alone a classification as a Class 1 Medical Technology

2)   With this approval, FGXpress Power Strips can be shipped anywhere in the world! (Definitely an improvement over most natural remedies, which can't.)

Anyway, I don't have much to add to this topic — the image above pretty much says it all!

Besides, you shouldn't take my word for it any more than the government's. Check it out for yourself. Find out how the special Red Korean Ginseng, the open-cell Marine Phytoplankton, and the elemental germanium make it so effective for pain relief... and much more.

Better yet, try them for yourself, see how it works for you.

Dedicated to Your and the Earth's Wellness,

Erin D.    
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My husband has suffered from shoulder pain for years and occasionally resorted to a cortisone shot. The first day he said his shoulder didn't bother him at all, in other words no pain and he had a lot more energy as well. No wonder he says he is feeling really good. ~ Iona Z

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I placed one on my left arm. I had developed severe tendonitits approximately 2 months ago on my left elbow. In less than an hour I experienced a reduction in pain and an increase in the mobility of my arm. I headed to the gym the next morning and did a full range of weight lifting and body weight exercises: no problem, no pain. ~ Kevin O

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