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Maybe I should introduce myself so you know where I'm coming from and whether I know what I'm talking about. Wink © Gonnabepainfree.com

I'd also like to share my mission statement with you, so you know why I'm creating this website in the first place.

Who Is This Masked Woman?

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My name is Erin (Hi, nice to meet you!) and I've lived with chronic pain most of my life, as far back as I can remember.

18 years old is when I finally discovered that not everyone is in pain all the time. Talk about a thunderclap-lightningbolt moment of insight!

That began a decades-long exploration of chronic pain management and pain relief.

Later, thanks to some really intense illnesses that doctors couldn't help me with at all, I expanded my search to include all sorts of healing and health practices. And I was able to heal myself, when the medical opinion was split between "there's no such illness" and "it can't be cured."

That's when I learned the power of self-healing... not to mention the necessity for it!

Now I'm 50, and I feel better now than I did 20 years ago!

Why I Started This Website

Bringing health and healing to the world is a mission of passion!

I've learnt a lot about the underlying causes of pain and how the ordinary modern lifestyle can contribute to the problem, without our even knowing about it.

And I've learnt a lot about the process of true healing, rather than simply covering up the symptoms and pretending it's cured.

I've been in natural healing professions, healing through touch, massage, postural correction, yoga, energy work, counselling, and spiritual guidance. And I've been sharing information on health and natural healing with others for decades.

Now I've started GonnaBePainFree.com to share it with you and others whom I'll never meet in person.

I want to bring you the information you need to find health, vitality, energy, and a pain-free life through natural healing methods, using tools and techniques that I've found effective.

So my mission is to help you heal yourself and become free from pain.

Not only because you deserve to have the best life possible — though that's a very good reason! — but because the Earth needs you.

The Earth Needs You Healthy!

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It's become crystal clear to me that we can't take good care of ourselves — let alone our families or our planet — if we struggling with suffering and exhaustion all the time.

We need physical ability and vigor and health, so we have the energy to tackle the Grand Work that is before us: remaking the Earth into the beautiful, abundant, peaceful, joyful world we all dream of.

You may or may not share my passion for this, but I'm sure — since you're reading this — that you do share my passion for having a better life... a life free of pain, of life of greater energy and ability and well-being, where you can do the things that you aspire and yearn to do.

I do this work in hopes that I can help you achieve these goals! I offer this website to you and to the Earth, with love. HeartLoveGlow © GonnaBePainFree.com

Dedicated to Your and the Earth's Wellness,

Erin D.    
 Erin's Promise to the Earth © GonnaBePainFree.com


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