How To Use Power Strips
Safely & Most Effectively
It couldn't be easier to apply a Power Strip: simply peel off the backing, stick it on your skin, and start feeling better!  Smilie ©      

Still, there are some fine-tuning tips that will help you get the most out of your Strips, like where to put them, how to apply them, safety precautions, etc.  Here they are:

 How to Use FGXpress Power Strips
  1. Choose an area that's fairly hair-free.  
  2. Don't put it directly on a joint, like your neck, knee, or elbow —  it won't stick well to something that bends a lot.  Put the strip above or below the joint; that'll be close enough to work well.
  3. Apply near the area of greatest pain (keeping in mind the points above).
  4. You can cut the strips in half if you wish, and put them in 2 different places.  (TIP: Cut it lengthwise, so it's easier to peel off the backing.)
  5. Your skin should be clean and dry, free of lotions or creams.
  6. Water, including excessive sweat, will loosen the patch.  Put them on when you won't be getting wet, like after your shower.  
  7. Remove previous patch 30 minutes before showering, and apply new patch 30 minutes after showering.
  8. Place them somewhere on your body where you don't sweat very much if you're planning to do heavy exercise or you experience hot flashes.  A lot of perspiration could loosen the patch.  Plus it can make them feel really itchy!  
  9. Change around where you put the patches —  give your skin a breathing break.
  10. You might want to try bending the spot a little before applying, if it's an area you bend a lot.  Otherwise the Strip might pop off when you bend.  However, some people find that it irritates their skin when the patch wrinkles this way.  Two options: see what works best for you!
  11. Although designed for sensitive skin, it's possible that you might find your skin reacting in a mild way.  (Warmth and mild redness when you remove one is natural and will pass.)  
    There are ways to work with sensitive skin, and in my experience the healing power of the strips actually makes skin less sensitive.  
    Meanwhile, remove a strip if you feel discomfort, and then check this article to find out how to work with sensitive skin.
  12.  See Cautions below for safety precautions.

 How To Apply the Strips


I find it helpful to first fold over the corner of the large backing-piece (nearest the small bit of backing).  This makes it easy to grip and pull later —  especially useful when you're working on a hard-to-reach area! 

Step 1  

Peel off the narrow bit of backing. 

Step 2  

Put the patch, sticky-side-down, where you want it.

Step 3  

Smooth and press down this starter bit.

Step 4

As you slowly peel away the large piece of backing, with the other hand smooth the rest of the strip onto the skin.

Step 5

Rub across it to press the strip firmly into place.

Step 6

Voila!  You're Powered up and ready to go!
Peel it off and discard after 24-48 hours. 

How To Store Your Power Strips  

Basic common sense stuff —  keep 'em cool and dry.  Here's the details:
  • Keep the patches tightly sealed in the shipping bag.  
  • Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat.
  • Prevent exposure to excessive moisture.

How To Get the Most Benefit

  1.  The benefits of the nutrients in the Power Strip will travel throughout the body.

    The specific pain-relief will be intensified, though, by having the Strip near the area that hurts, so that the far-infrared can do its job of warming the deep muscles and increasing blood flow and cell cleansing (as shown in this scan).
  2.  The Strips can be cut in half to be placed on different sites, if you have pain in more than one area.  (Cutting it lengthwise allows you to still remove the backing easily for application.)   (This is also useful in cases of sensitive skin and saving money.
  3.  Power Strips give benefits up to 48 hrs. However, best results are gained by using a fresh strip every 24 hrs.

 Designed for Health, For Everyone

Power Strips are for everyone, designed to be used for natural pain relief and as a daily health-boosting habit. They are completely safe for everyone —   adults and children older than infants (see Cautions below). 

For pre-teen children, you can cut a strip in half and use only a half-strip every day or two.

Using the Power Strips with Fibromyalgia  

There are indications from testimonials that the Strips are helping people with Fibromyalgia (statement not verified by FDA).  The trick is that anything on the skin can hurt like heck if you're having a flare-up, and you wouldn't want to use them at a time like that.

I've been finding that using the strips over time helps sensitive skin become less sensitive.  It seems as the whole system becomes healthier and more stable, the skin issue fades.  (Find out more in the article on Sensitive Skin.

But first you have to be able to use them!

If you have fibromyalgia, don't start when your skin is already flaring up.  Wait until it settles, and then begin.  Hopefully by the time you'd have another flare-up, the strips will have done their work and you won't have one!


  • May not be good with certain medications —   check with your pharmacist.

  • Power Strips are for external use only.  

  • Not recommended for use on the face. 

  • Do not use on skin that is cut or open, damaged, inflamed, irritated, burned, or has rashes.  

  • If you feel discomfort or pain, simply remove the Strip right away.  Discomfort will pass quickly.  (If you put it in an area that's already hot or gets little air circulation, like between folds of your skin, it may cause a burning feeling.  Try it somewhere else.)

  • Power Strips may make your skin feel warm and a bit reddish —  this is a normal effect of the far infrared treatment. It will fade shortly.

  • Discontinue use if skin irritation or rash occurs. Please consult your health care provider prior to making any dietary, nutritional, or exercise lifestyle changes. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results may vary.

Who Shouldn't Use Power Strips?

People with extreme dermatitis may have difficulty using Power Strips, since they should be used on unbroken, healthy skin.

Other than that, the only caution is for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and infants.  

FGXpress offers this caution not because they think it'll be harmful, but because no tests have yet been done to make sure they're safe.  And for something as important as your children, better safe than sorry!


Dedicated to Your and the Earth's Wellness,

Erin D.    
 Erin's Promise to the Earth ©


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