My PowerStrips Story, part 3:
Strength, Energy, Well-Being

There are other gifts that Power Strips have given me.

Here's the best bit.  

My body, which was so precarious before that almost anything I did would injure me, send me off to the chiropractor and another month of healing, GOT MORE STABLE.  I was stronger!

In other words, I could push myself, and not wreck anything.  

I could go for long walks, longer than I'd usually be able to do, without worrying that I'd be laid up for weeks after.  I could stumble over a dip in the ground without wrecking my back.  I could carry things, and even if I felt a twinge of pain, I'd be okay.  (Not that I'm recommending these things!)

Even when I did hurt myself, it wasn't as serious.  I did something to my ankle, I don't even know what, and could hardly walk on it for a couple days.  Instead of the usual 6 chiropractic treatments and a month's recovery, in a couple days it just got better on its own.

When I hurt my wrist jamming something that didn't fit, same thing.  It was just okay on its own, later that same day.  

You may not have all the problems I was having.  If so, please offer a prayer of thanks right this moment!  But if PowerStrips can do this for me, imagine what they'll do for you!

Neon Signs of Better Health  

And that's one thing I've noticed —  those who are suffering the worst appreciate PowerStrips the most. We're the ones who sing and cry to the heavens, almost, in joy.  Those people who are managing, day to day, like PowerStrips and appreciate the health benefits they offer, but usually don't rave about them.  Because they can't see what the strips are actually doing for them!

A lot of it is subtle.  When you're living balanced precariously on the edge of function, as I was, the subtle things show up like neon billboards.  It's doing all these good things for everyone, it just doesn’t shine out as much, less noticeable.  

Until you really need it, of course!  

Then you find out that your recovery time for working out and from injury is so much faster.  

Then you find out that while everyone else is coming down with colds and flus, you're cruising along.  

Then you find out, years later, how it's protecting you from all kinds of injuries, illnesses, and diseases.  

I think that's the true benefit of using a healthy, natural pain-reliever —  not only relieves  pain but actually supports well-being in the whole body.

NOTE: FGXpress PowerStrips have been submitted to the FDA only as a natural pain-reliever.  All this other stuff, it's too hard to prove for a natural product, which they're biased against anyway.  So I have an obligation to say that the FDA hasn't verified these statements.  

But this is what I know for myself, in my personal experience, and from the research on the various ingredients —  results of which have been well-documented in scientific and medical literature.

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