My PowerStrips Story, part 4:
So This Is What Energy Feels Like! 

Another wonderful experience was having more energy! I hadn't realised how much like a zombie I'd become, dragging myself from one thing to another, pretty much just waiting through each day til I could go back to bed.

I didn't notice my energy was better for a few weeks. But think the PowerStrips' energy boost actually took effect much sooner than I actually realised, because even the first few days after starting them, my sister complained at me about it. Wink ©

Here's another little story:

While visiting my family, a day or two after using my first PowerStrip, I asked my sister to take me to the store to grab something, and she hesitated. She said she only had a couple hours she could spend there before work. I laughed wryly and told her I was only good for about 15 minutes in a shopping mall anyway.

Then, two hours later, she had to drag me out of the mall!

I couldn't explain it, because I didn't know about this effect from the PowerStrips at the time. But everyone I went to visit commented on how I was running around a lot more, and not seeming tired or achy as I usually do.

I wasn't 100% sure that was the PowerStrips though. Probably it was, but you know when you're away from home, everything can be different sometimes.

After 2 or 3 weeks of using PowerStrips, I really noticed that I was bouncing out of bed in the mornings. I was waking up in the morning eager to start my day. I also noticed that I had a lot more energy to do things during the day that I normally couldn't do.

I noticed some other things too: I started feeling this wonderful sense of well-being — I'd forgotten I could feel like that! What a blessing it was! And I felt ‪happy‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬!‬‬

I can't even guess how long it's been since I've felt that way!

I felt like I'd been given this incredible gift — I felt like I'd been given my life back. I was coming alive again!!

Seeing the immense changes in my home life, there could no longer be any doubt. PowerStrips worked a miracle for me!

This kind of fast, dramatic results are why I immediately LOVED the PowerStrips and why I now want to share them with everyone!

But Please Don't Buy Them From Me... Gonna Be Pain Free, Naturally: Don't Buy These From Me Please

Dedicated to Your and the Earth's Wellness,

Erin D.    
 Erin's Promise to the Earth ©


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