My PowerStrips Story, part 2

I admit I was ready to try almost anything.

When my brother and sister recently told me they had something I just had to try, I was willing. Dubious. Sceptical and antagonistic, even! But desperate, and hopeful.

"It’s called PowerStrips," my brother said, "and it’s a pain reliever that's completely natural and super good for you, and listed as a Class 1 Medical Device by the FDA." (Which made me even more wary, frankly: read about that here.) He tried to go on, but I didn't want to hear all the marvels of this new "miracle product."

It actually took me a while to come around. Wink ©

But when I heard about the remarkable results they were getting, and not just in pain relief, I became eager to try them. They sent me sample, so I gave it a shot — it didn't cost me anything and I had nothing to lose. I wasn't prepared for how well it worked, or how fast!

Like A Gift From Heaven

Well, the first night I put one on, was the first night in months I slept through the night without medicating!

But you know, it's too soon to tell, I thought. I might have just been having a good night (even though I'd been travelling, and with all my heavy luggage… but yeah, maybe it could happen . Wink © ).

Night after night, I slept with ease. And I knew it wasn't just a coincidence.

I also noticed that my knees, which had been flaring with pain off and on for two and a half years, weren't hurting on the stairs anymore.

Then there's the arthritis. The picture you see here is of my left thumb. (Sorry about the picture quality — turns out it's tricky to take a good picture of your own thumb! Especially with a less-than-great camera. . Wink © )

I’ve been getting arthritis in it for several years, until I could almost not bend it at all. For over a year, I haven't been able to pull a sliver or tug a knot tight in my sewing thread.

But the morning after using my very first PowerStrip, I found I could move it a teensy bit more.

(The Strip was on my low back, too, not anywhere near my thumb!)

Hmmm..., I thought, I should probably take pictures to compare, see if there really is an improvement.

I laugh about it now, because the improvement was so dramatic I couldn't have missed it. Every day, I could bend it more. Within a few days I had almost full mobility in my thumb again. And now there's barely any difference at all. I can still feel it sometimes if I push it too hard or fast, but what a pleasure it is to be able to tighten down a knot in sewing thread again! And this really eased my sliver problems! Wink ©

Anyway, the more I used the PowerStrips, the better I felt. I had more energy, slept better, and could walk farther.

So, as you can imagine, I was pretty much sold on them from my first patch! Smilie ©

The more subtle effects took a week or so to start to notice, possibly because I wasn't using a new patch every day. But that was really just icing on the cake at this point!

The "After" Picture

I knew it was really changing my life the day I needed to get winter tires. No, the PowerStrips didn't make it snow or anything. Wink © It was November, that's all. But here's the amazing thing...

Normally, as I said, I couldn't walk more than a few hundred yards — and then I'd need to rest and use an ice pack. I couldn't carry anything either, without upsetting the fragile stability of my body.

But that day in November, only a couple weeks after starting PowerStrips, I did something that literally felt like a miracle to me. I walked from the tire store to the mall. Then I walked around the mall Christmas shopping, for a couple of hours. Then I walked back to the tire place, with several bags in each hand.

And instead of being wrecked for a month, which this normally would’ve done, I went on with my "town day," running around for hours.

THEN I came home, and instead of collapsing in bed with painkillers and/or an icepack and wasting 2 days recovering enough to get on with my life... you’ll never guess. I did housework!!! I did laundry and dishes and vacuumed the floor. I unloaded the car and put away the groceries and things (normally something my spouse has to do after I've been in town).

And then I took the dog for a half-kilometer walk!

I know it's really hard to imagine what a huge transformation this was for me. For most people, that's nothing. But for me, any one of those activities — all by itself! — would be enough to take me down for a day, at the very least.

To do SEVEN almost-impossible things like this in one day, still be fit and going, and the next morning be well enough and energetic enough to get up and bake for 5 hours (Christmas, remember?)... I swear, it was as if angels had come and blessed me with wings!

So... was that a fluke? Apparently not, because it's repeated in one form or another every time I have a "town day."

Now you know why I say that FGXpress PowerStrips are changing lives. I know it for a fact, because it's completely changed mine.

PowerStrips have may not have literally given me back my life, but they've given me back my aliveness.

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