Natural Pain Relievers:
5 Things You Need To Know

When you're looking for pain relief, especially with natural pain relievers, there are 5 questions you need answered…

  1.  Are they really better than drugs?
  2.  How long do natural remedies take to work?
  3.  Are they going to improve or diminish your overall health ("side-effects")?
  4.  Is it actually relieving the pain, or just blocking your mind from feeling it?
  5.  And of course: Which natural remedies are most effective?

So the first thing we're going to cover here is the answers to these 5 questions.

So let's jump right in. 

Are Natural Pain Relievers Better Than Drugs?

This is the first and perhaps most important question.  After all, if they aren't better, why bother?  Might as well just pop a pill.

Of course, if you're reading this, you are probably already quite aware that natural pain relief is the better way to go.  

The reasons why pain medication drugs (i.e., analgesics) aren't such a great idea is covered in the next article: Painkillers.  Check it out; it has neat pictures.  Wink ©

How Long Til They Kick In?

This is variable depending on a few factors: 
  • the type of pain reliever,
  • the type of pain,
  • and the person using it.

Some natural pain relievers are very quick, faster even than over-the-counter pain medication.

For example, FGXpress Power Strips make an almost immediate difference —   most people notice an improvement within 10 - 15 minutes.  Even so, with some people or some kinds of pain, it may take longer.  (Find out more in this article on how to use Power Strips.)

Sometimes you can't wait for natural pain relief.  In that case, you can use an ice pack to help control the pain for the first day (another effective natural pain reliever, although more awkward to lug around Wink ©     ).  By the second day, with Power Strips, you’ll definitely be free of the pain.

If you're one of the people that needs extra time, this process is longer and more hands-on than pain medications, but it's worth it in terms of your health and safety!  Besides, in most cases the relief is even quicker than with drugs.  

And often natural pain relief will work where pain medication drugs just won't.

Do Natural Pain Relievers Affect
Overall Health & Wellness?  

You bet!  And in a positive way!  

Everything we take into our body affects us, for better or for worse.  And the natural, original substances are better for the body than artificially-derived ones, by definition —  your body has evolved to ingest them.  

For one thing, natural remedies have built in balancers that are missing in drugs.  They don’t attack your body like chemical drugs do.  For example, White Willow Bark doesn’t cause stomach bleeding like aspirin does, even though aspirin was derived originally from White Willow Bark. 

For another thing, natural pain relievers tend to address the cause of the pain, not just the symptoms.  Obviously this is beneficial to your health, directly.  There's also an indirect benefit: making it less likely for you to increase an injury.

For a third thing, and this is the best part, some natural pain remedies give a great big boost to your health, and increase your sense of well-being.  (Yes, that's those FGXpress Power Strips  again!  Wink ©     )  

Since the health benefits are perhaps the most important aspect of natural pain relief, you can see more detail in this article on Beyond Pain Relief.

Do Natural Pain Relievers Fix
or Merely Hide the Pain?

This is a key question: Does it actually reduce the pain, or merely block you from perceiving the pain?

Well, if you followed the link above to the article on Painkillers, you’ll already know the answer to this.

Pain medications don't actually relieve pain, they just pretend to. All they do is block the receptors in your brain from registering that the pain exists.  

This is obviously less than ideal.  After all, pain is there for a reason, and simply tuning it out isn't always a good solution —   you can end up hurting yourself worse by acting as if you're okay, when in fact you're just (in a way) numb.

The pain is still there, but your brain has hung an "out to lunch" sign on the door and isn't receiving the message!
 Brain Is Out To Lunch! ©

Some natural products do the same, more or less.  White Willow Bark, for example —  that's what aspirin was derived from.  

Of course, in its natural form it also contains other active compounds that help make it more user-friendly.  In other words, if you take aspirin in chemical form, it's hard on your body, which is not designed to process that chemical directly.  If you take it in its original form, as White Willow Bark, it's more balanced and less harmful.

Some natural pain relievers, though, work by actually addressing the source issue.  Once that's addressed, the pain naturally diminishes.   Obviously this is the best possible solution to pain!

And, you guessed it, FGXpress Power Strips are one of the best at that.  (You're beginning to see why I'm so thrilled with them, aren't you!)  Smilie ©       There's more info on how they actually heal the pain in the article on the 5 Technologies that make up the Power Strips.

What Are The  Best Natural Pain Relievers  

By this time, I don't even really need to say it.  The one I'm always talking about, the one I'm so impressed with, the one that seems to address every issue is...

You already know... I hardly have to say.  Wink ©    

I'm really sorry that I'm sounding like a broken record.  But there's a good reason for it!  In my 30+ years of searching for relief from chronic pain, this is plain and simple the best thing I've ever come across, and then some. Check out this article for a proper introduction and explanation of what the Power Strips do, and how — there's a great video to see as well. 

And this article has the very first pain relief product review on this site: Power Strips Product Review.  This makes it clear why I keep raving about them.  Smilie ©      

Dedicated to Your Wellness,    

Erin D.    

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