Natural Pain Relief vs Painkillers -- Does It Really Matter?

This is an easy one: absolutely!  

Painkillers (that is, analgesic drugs) are far less than ideal for three major reasons:

  1. They merely mask the pain, not get rid of it
  3.  They're very hard on your health
  5. And they support Big Pharma (ok, that's a minor reason)
Pain drugs are a huge industry.  It's estimated that 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from pain at any given time.  That's about a quarter of the entire population of Earth!
Painkillers (Drugs) Sad Pills-

Obviously we need effective pain relief.  But analgesic drugs aren't a good option. 

The reason I don't like the pharmaceutical options is because they're a big health risk. Here's how:

 Hiding The Issue

The first problem with pain relief drugs is that it's really "medical fakery."

Let's say you have a very sore back.  So you take a "painkiller" like Tylenol or Advil.  Voila! The pain is gone!  So you go back to your gardening or whatever... and create a worse injury because you couldn't feel the warning messages your back was trying to give you.

That's all pain really is: a warning message.  "Something's wrong here," your body is saying, "better attend to this!"

How these pain medications work is to stop the messenger relay.  Your body is still saying there's something wrong, but the message is blocked from getting to your brain.  

Pain medicatons are analgesics: drugs designed to suppress the pain mechanism, not heal what's causing the pain.

In other words, painkillers don't relieve the problem.  They just mask the symptoms.  So you don't know that anything's wrong!  And you stop being careful.  And you get hurt even worse.

And Then There's The Direct Damage...

The other thing that pain drugs do is damage your body.  These medications are very hard on us physically!  

That's becoming ever more apparent, as the news articles and lawsuits accumulate about people getting kidney toxicity and liver damage and even dying from using over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol and Advil.
Tylenol Warning Newsclipping ©

If you're only using a few a year, you're likely not going to have this kind of problem.  But most people use far more than that.  And it's not meant to be used on an ongoing basis, as many people do.  

We're so used to having analgesics that we assume they're safe.  But recently (2013) the FDA has forced stronger warning labels on painkillers because so many people have been injured or even killed by them. 

Painkillers Get Stronger Warnings newsclip ©

In the pharmaceutical industry, they call these "side-effects" —  but there's nothing "side" about them... they are effects, simple and predictable, caused by the ingestion of these chemicals.

Okay, those are the worst case scenarios, for sure.  But even in smaller doses, these drugs are hard on a human body.  

Your body then has to deal with these toxins and all their effects, on top of whatever caused the pain in the first place.

Natural pain relievers, in contrast to chemical drugs, help support the body's health at the same time they work on the pain.  This is the subject of the next article: How Natural Pain Relievers Work (click here to see it).

Dedicated to Your and the Earth's Wellness,

Erin D.    
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