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You might be interested in how Power Strips got started. It's a tale of a brilliant scientist dedicated to creating planetary health, who meets up with an entrepreneur who really needed help...

You might be interested in the remarkable story of how Power Strips got started.

It's an unlikely tale of a brilliant scientist dedicated to creating planetary health, who meets up with an entrepreneur who really needed help.

This is the story as I understand it; I don't know the characters personally so I can't vouch for absolute accuracy. But it goes more or less like this.)

Once upon a time, in a country not too far away (from me… maybe even nearby to you!) . . .

Power Strips: A Man, A Mission,
And An Unmanageable Pain

It all started with Dr. Minsu Kim, a doctor with a PhD in bacterial resistance mechanisms. He was working in Korea University's Integrated Medicine Institute.

He's the inventor of this unprecedented natural pain reliever. And that's almost what he set out to do.

His mission was to create something to improve the health of humanity. In his own words:

"We face the question of how we live healthier and more meaningful lives, rather than just living longer.”

After all, 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain! And in the USA, 47% live with chronic pain. Obviously, this is an issue begging for a solution. (That's quite a market, as well! Wink © Gonnabepainfree.com )

So Dr. Kim eventually perfected a 100% natural product that provides both energy and complete nutrition, so that the body can return to balance and achieve greater states of health, immunity, and vitality. And he ended up creating "a new category of product," to bring people health in an entirely new way.

Regaining the body's health naturally relieves pain, which is ironically almost a side-effect of this natural remedy.

(Plus there's a bonus of natural pain-relief from the Korean Red Ginseng.)

Another Man & Another Mission

But it took the right person to bring this incredible gift to the world. That's Ron Williams, Founder and CEO of Forever Green International, a company already successful for its revolutionary natural healing products.

At the time, Ron was suffering from severe chronic pain in his back, a result of a sports injury and following back surgery. In 2012, when he was travelling in Asia, he was offered a Power Strip for the pain.

Sceptical — even, in his words, "cynical" after trying out so many ineffective natural remedies — still, Ron was desperate enough to try just about anything. And he put it on, more "out of courtesy" than hope.

And history was made!

Ron experienced such profound relief he was amazed. When he tells the story, he says with profound intensity,

"It completely changed my life.”

The Mission Goes Global

It didn't take long for Ron to recognise the profound business potential in such a potent — and natural! — pain treatment.

And one night in a stroke of inspiration, he realised that this could be the first product of its kind that could be literally world-wide. Anywhere you could mail a birthday card, he thought, you could mail these strips.

Shortly after, Ron founded a sister company to Forever Green, which he called FGXpress — a company that could be dedicated solely to getting this miracle treatment out to the world.

Today, in January 2014, the company has not yet even reached its official launch day, but millions of people are already hooked on the twin gift of feeling better and being pain-free.

You can find out what makes them work so well in this article on the 5 Technologies in FGXpress Power Strips.

A Sceptic, A Sister,
& Another Unmanageble Chronic Pain

My own personal introduction to Power Strips was not quite so auspicious.

I'd heard about them from one brother, but wasn't really interested in yet another "miracle cure." (Sound like someone else in this story? Wink © Gonnabepainfree.com)

Then while visiting my sister, she needed to pick up some free samples he'd sent her by way of another fellow in the company. And she took me along.

She was meeting him at an introductory meeting for people interested in Power Strips... or so we thought! I was actually, by this time, looking forward to finding out more about them. Except it turned out to be a meeting for people interested in the business of selling Power Strips, which totally doesn’t interest me at all. (Plus there were a few less-than-pleasant surprises, like an entrance fee and a spokesperson who made my hackles rise.)

So I started out completely sceptical and rather antagonistic.

That changed for me, though, when I heard Ron Williams, the company founder, speak. And it wasn't so much his words, although I really liked the way he was framing the business as a much more positive experience of business than usual — being holistic in vision, helping each other, doing service for the planet, etc.

No, what really changed it for me was seeing that this was really true for him. He was authentic in his desire to give something good to humanity. I have a pretty good BS detector, and it told me he was on the level.

That's when I began to open up my mind to what Power Strips might really have to offer. And then I heard from a number of people who'd been using them, sharing the results they've been getting...

So when my sister offered me a sample too, I took it eagerly! And the rest is history. Or herstory. Anyway, it's my story, which you can read here if you want to know how I became one of their biggest fans. Smilie © Gonnabepainfree.com

Dedicated to Your and the Earth's Wellness,

Erin D.    
 Erin's Promise to the Earth © GonnaBePainFree.com


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