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If you've been reading through this site at all, you've heard me rave about a certain kind of pain relief patches... and with good reason. They're safe, natural, and really effective. And they're literally changing lives! (I know this for a fact, because they've changed mine, and the lives of some of my friends and loved ones.)

So by now you may be wondering what makes them so good...

In 20 words or less: FGXpress Power Strips are a truly groundbreaking, patented fusion of modern wave energy technology, specialized minerals, and potent ancient herbs. (That's more or less the official company summary. Wink © Gonnabepainfree.com )

Everyone — and every part of the body — needs energy, and everyone needs pain relief sooner or later. Everyone needs better health and a stronger immune system too.

Power Strips are the answer to that, and more!

The results people are getting from using these strips daily have been frankly amazing. When you hear people's stories, you really get the picture, and that includes my story.

In fact, Power Strips' gift to you goes far beyond pain relief. They also boost your...

  • energy level, strength, and stamina
  • overall health
  • sense of well-being
  • mood
  • immune system
  • and a lot more besides.

All this, while being 100% natural!

Before you decide this is too good to be true, you should know that all these effects and more have been scientifically demonstrated for the ingredients, in peer-reviewed journals. There's real science behind this!

How do they do this? The secret is not only in the sauce, but the special ways the ingredients are prepared and applied.


What's In 'Em?

See the full monty on each ingredient, as well as benefits and how to use the strips, with the menu at the bottom of this page.

Power Strips are patches that apply directly to your body wherever you need pain relief the most. Each one has 2 layers, which work in different ways to provide natural pain relief at the source.

And in these 2 layers are the secrets to their incredible success at their task — a mixture of ancient and cutting-edge healing technologies.

Find out about Power Strips' special 5 Technologies in this article.

How Do Power Strips Work? (Surprise!)

Power Strips aren't like other Painkillers & Pain Medications. They don't just mask the pain.

They actually set to work relieving the conditions that cause the pain!
  • They bring more energy to the cells, so the body can heal itself (which all bodies want and will do, if they're at all able).
  • They bring deep, healing warmth.
  • They diminish inflammation.
  • They increase circulation of the blood, which helps your body detoxify.
  • They provide antioxidants and alkalinizing effects, which are hugely important for maintaining long-term health.
  • They provide nutritional elements that your body is lacking, so it has the nutrients to heal and find balance (which is wellness)
Using them brings the biggest relief to the parts of the body that need it most. Wherever your body is distressed, injured, suffering, or lacking the energy it needs to return to health.

 Power Strip on Woman Athlete's Arm - Gonnabepainfree.com
So the surprise is that they actually work by bringing greatly increased health and energy to the whole body. And almost a side-effect of that is safe, effective, natural pain relief!

Which, when you think about it, is the best possible way to relieve pain. Because pain is merely the symptom that your body is stressed, out of balance, and lacking what it needs to return to wellness

By supplying those needs, Power Strips effectively relieve pain naturally. And they're so good at it, that the FDA itself has listed them as a Class 1 Medical Device for pain relief!

Wink © Gonnabepainfree.com

Here's the Reality Check

People are getting phenomenal, unprecedented results from this incredible product. But I don't want to give the impression that all this is immediate, or will happen the same way for everyone.

Everyone's issues are a unique constellation of influences — there may be factors that this product alone may not address, though it's an awfully good start! And the longer your body has been suffering, the longer it will take to return to wellness.

Also, natural products don't work like drugs, quickly hiding symptoms while leaving the dis-ease untouched.

Feeling Better! Active and Mobile! - Gonnabepainfree.com
As with any natural product, it takes time to build up to the full benefits. You need to give your body time to take in enough of what it needs, and to do the work of healing and coming back to balance and wellness (now that it has the tools).

And great health takes ongoing daily contributions to our "Wellness Bank Account". (Luckily, these patches are such an easy way to do that!)

Nonetheless, the pain relief is often extremely fast — for most people, relief begins within minutes.

To date, millions of people are finding Power Strips a healthy alternative to harmful pain medications. Of course, the real question is: What can they do for you?

Check out some of the articles below to get an idea of the vast variety of benefits science is finding from the ingredients in FGXpress Power Strips.

Please feel free to contact me for more information... I'm happy to be a resource for improving health and happiness!

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