5 Ways You Can Save Money 
On Power Strips

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Want to save money on Power Strips? I'd like to share with you 5 tips I've discovered on how to make Power Strips more affordable.

Most of my friends have small incomes, and even though I know Power Strips would help them enormously, they think they can't afford it. Heck, everyone these days is on a tight budget, so I understand their concern!

I have the same money issues myself. But once I saw how Power Strips gave me my life back, I had to have them! I'm done with painkillers — I need natural pain relief... and I wouldn't want to do without the energy and health boost either! . Wink © Gonnabepainfree.com

I needed to find a way to get these Power Strips, while being able to afford them. So I found ways to bring the cost down.

In fact, Power Strips are now actually SAVING me money! In the longterm, of course, by keeping me healthy, not having medical bills or lost work time and such.

But in a very direct, immediate way too. (You can scroll down to the end of the article for a breakdown in actual dollar savings.)

Here's how I found to work it out so they cost a fraction:

Tip #1: Pay Less & Stretch 'Em Out

First, I buy in bulk, as much as I can scrape up the cash for, because the more you buy, the cheaper they are, per patch (like any bulk shopping — plus you don't pay for shipping with larger orders).

Second, I stretch 'em out.

Power Strips work best if you use 1 every 24 hours — you do get the most out of them this way. But at this point I need to save money, so I looked for a balance of what I need and what the Power Strips can do.

I find that using 1 strip every 4 days keeps me functional and feeling pretty good. (Though I look forward to the day I can use them more often and get the full benefits! For a while I used 1 Power Strip every day or so, and it was definitely better, but this is good enough for now and more affordable.)

You’ll want to explore how long you can go for yourself.

Here's How That Works

I cut my Power Strips in half (lengthwise). Then I put on 1 half-Strip and leave it on for 2 days (showering carefully to avoid getting it wet).

After 2 days, I take that one off and put on a fresh half-Strip. So I'm actually using 1 Power Strip every 4 days.

(Note: This won't give optimum results. When starting, I really recommend you use one patch per day. That way you not only get a true trial of what they'll do for you, but your body gets the full boost to better health at the start. Then after a couple weeks, you can start stretching them out.)

Costs Savings So Far:

So right there you've brought the cost down to under $1 per day! You save 75% of the cost this way!

Think of all the health improvements you're getting, for a lot less than the cost of a cup of coffee or can of pop. (And FAR better for you too! Smilie © Gonnabepainfree.com )

And that's only the beginning.

If you're REALLY low on cash, you could maybe try 1 half-Strip every 3 or 4 days, and it would certainly help you stay healthier and stronger and more energised, but I don't know how effective it'd be for pain — I guess it depends on your level or type of pain.

You can experiment to find out how little you can get away with, and still get the results you want.

Tip #2: Secondary Savings

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Okay, this is where you actually start to SAVE money by using Power Strips.

If you take vitamins, minerals, or other supplements, you can drop most of them. You are getting far more nutrients delivered into your system with the Power Strips' complete nutrition than supplements provide.

Considering that supplements are notoriously hard to assimilate, most of it goes right through you, unused. So you're paying a pretty penny for vitamins and minerals that your body can't even use!

Perhaps the most important factor is that evidence is accumulating which shows that supplements not only aren't good for you, they can be actually BAD for you. In the USA, vitamin and mineral supplements bring in multibillions every year. They're marketed as if they're good for you, but there's very little actual research that shows that to be true.

At any rate, if we're taking supplements, we're still paying big bucks for something our bodies can't even use.

A better way? With FGXpress Power Strips you get not only natural pain relief, energy, health, etc, but you get virtually complete nutrition that's so easily absorbed by your body it's like it's been predigested.

Check out the breakdown below for actual numbers. In dollars alone, I'm SAVING $142 every month, plus getting more nutrition and pain relief and health than ever!

Tip #3: Save Money on Medications Too

Now figure in the savings you get when you don't have to buy other medications so much — pain relievers, for one — and Power Strips also seem to help with blood pressure, sexual dysfunction (Viagra works the same way the germanium does, but with artificial and risky drugs), and more that people medicate for.

(Not saying to go off your meds!! Check with your doctor before you do anything drastic!)

Another savings.

At this point, it's like FGXpress is paying YOU to use Power Strips! Smilie © Gonnabepainfree.com

Tip #4: Even More Savings!

The final savings comes from being able to DO more.

  • I now hire people less often, because I can do more myself.
  • I earn more money because I'm more energetic, stronger, and clearer-thinking at work, making me far more productive.
  • I have fewer sick days and am needing less sleep — more productive hours in a month.
  • And I can put my increased energy to good use by cooking from scratch — save money, eat better-tasting food, AND get healthier meals. Or by making gifts rather than buying them. And so on.

Tip #5: Making Money on Power Strips

If you want to take it even further, you can start sharing Power Strips with the people around you, selling them or whatever.

It's actually natural and kind of unavoidable to start sharing them with others. When you feel so great, you naturally want to help others feel great too! (That's why I was motivated to start this website! I need to share this!!)

Also people around you begin to notice the changes in you, and ask you what your secret is and where they can get some.

This is network marketing (if I'm using the term correctly) — the Power Strips are sold person to person, saving the cost of stores, and each person who uses them is the advertisement for how well it works.

I'm not a selling kind of person and I don't understand just how it works, but I do know that you can make some income this way, a good one if you're wanting to work at it, or even just a little to pay for your own Power Strips.

You can find out more here.

Curing the Dreaded
Order-Page Hesitation Syndrome

When I first went to the Power Strips order page, I confess: I hesitated. That's a lot of money!... at first glance.

Now that I know what they do for me, though, and how they save me money in other ways, I can see that it's actually a great bargain.

How great a bargain? Check out this breakdown of my actual costs, before and after I started using FGXpress Power Strips.

Costs Before Power Strips:

(Per Month) Costs With Power Strips:

(Per Month)
SUPPLEMENTS: Vitamin D $ 5
Vitamin D $ 5 Magnesium $ 10
Magnesium $ 10 Vitamin C $ 9
Vitamin C $ 30 Power Strips $ 30
Spirulina or Blue-Green Algae * $ 14
Calcium $ 13
Iron $ 15
Multivitamins & Minerals $ 5
B Complex $ 7
Ginkgo Biloba $ 7
Dong Quai $ 15
Trace Minerals $ 3
Tylenol and Advil $ 10
Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil $ 25
SierraSil $ 27

$ 62


$ 173


$ 44

Extra Money In My Pocket   =   $ 142 every month

Having my life back and my body pain-free   =   PRICELESS!

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* Spirulina and Blue-Green Algae are both marine phytoplanktons, so they're already in the Power Strips — in a special, more-available form.

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