Using Power Strips
On (and For) Sensitive Skin

FGXpress Power Strips were created with sensitive skin in mind, because the idea is that we use them every day as a health-boost. So the adhesive in the patches is...
  • 100% natural,
  • water-soluble, and
  • specially designed for gentleness.

Still, some people who are very sensitive may notice their skin reacting to the patches.

The good news is, over time Power Strips can actually help your skin become less sensitive!

This article is to help you figure out what's a normal way for your skin to respond, and what's not — and what to do about it!

If Your Skin Is Red and Warm

If your skin shows a bit of redness and/or feels warm after you remove a Power Strip, it's nothing to be concerned about. That's normal, and actually shows that the patch is working, generating heat below it.

You might even notice a bit of red at the edges of the patch — same thing.

But if it's uncomfortable...

If Your Skin Is Red and Uncomfortable

If it's actually uncomfortable, you do have extra-sensitive skin. Luckily, there are some things you can do.

The first, and worst, option is to stop using Power Strips. In fact this is what the company recommends, I'm sure for liability issues more than anything else. And that's certainly an option, but not a very good one I think because...

  1. They're so good for you, it's a crying shame to not take advantage of their health benefits
  2. If you have pain, they're the best natural pain reliever available
  3. And best of all, over time Power Strips actually help your skin back to health, so the problem eventually just vanishes.

From Imbalance — To Pain — To Balance

Power Strips can actually help sensitive skin become more balanced and less easily irritated. In my experience with people who've had sensitivity to the Strips in the beginning, over time this sensitivity passes.

I believe this is a natural side-effect of the Strips' overall boost to your body's health and internal balance.

A body that's out-of-balance will react to all kinds of things — to more extremes — than a body that's in balance. When we're out of balance (and unaware of it or unsure how to fix it), we are set up to experience pain.

When we return to balance, pain diminishes.

For example, have you ever been going along and you do almost nothing but suddenly TWANG, your neck gets frozen in place or your back goes out or something like that?

People always say "I was perfectly fine, and then out of nowhere my _____ gave out!" But that's never what happens. What's really going on is that the body has been under physical strain from being out of balance, usually for a long time, but we don't notice it... until the tiny straw breaks the camel's back. No missing the problem then!

Being out of balance makes us susceptible to injury from small things.

It's the same as when you've got a flu and suddenly your clothes are painful to your skin and your pillow seems hard as granite. Things that ordinarily feel soft and comfortable to you; you just can't handle them when your body is struggling against that virus.

So, as Power Strips help your body regain a healthier state, your skin gets healthier too. As they relax muscles you may not have even known were tense, your skin has less irritation going on from underneath. As you regain balance and health, you find yourself becoming more stable, less disturbed by exterior influences like a gentle healing patch on your skin. Wink ©

That's not the official company line (as I've said, they have to be very careful what they say because of the FDA), but it's been my personal experience with many people that this is exactly what happens.

So to set this shift in motion, here are some tips to allow you to get the benefits of the Power Strips without discomfort.

How to Use Power Strips on Sensitive Skin

If your skin is reacting to the strips with redness or irritation, you need to be able to use them long enough to allow the Power Strips to do their thing and make your skin healthier and stronger.

How do you do that, if they bother your skin in the first place? Well, there are some work-arounds you can use.

One that's easiest and works for 99% of people with sensitive skin is:

Cut the strips in half and use only a half-strip per day.

(HINT: Cut it lengthwise so you can still remove the backing easily.) In most cases, that takes care of the issue entirely.

Will it work as well? Yes, though it might take a bit longer.

You see, the benefits of the Power Strips permeate your whole body. I put mine on my low back, for instance, but still the arthritis in my thumb diminished.

The natural pain relief aspect works at peak efficiency, though, by having the Power Strip right where you hurt, or at least nearby. Then the far-infrared sends the most warmth and healing energy right into that area.

Some other helpful tips for sensitive skin...

  • First, check that you're not breaking any of the "rules" about where they should go. If you are, that's likely why they're bothering your skin. Don't put them anywhere your skin is open, inflamed, irritated, burned, rashy, or folded over itself.
  • Put the Power Strips in stronger areas that tend to be less sensitive — shoulders, buttocks, back, or wherever on you is less likely to get irritated
  • Don't leave one on for more than 24 hours.
  • Put the new half-Strip in a new spot, so that your skin has the maximum time to settle down again before a patch goes back on it. Try rotating between 3 or more different spots that work for you.

Fibromyalgia's Ultra-Sensitive Skin

Fibromyalgia is a special case. As I've said elsewhere, there are people with Fibromyalgia who say that Power Strips are helping them with the chronic pain.

But how can you use it if your skin is so sore you can't bear anything touching it? I mean, there's sensitive skin, and then there's feeling like acid burning you when your clothes touch!

The key is in the timing. Start using Power Strips when you're not having a flare-up.

As I've said before, it seems as your body becomes healthier and more stable from using the Power Strips, skin issues should fade away. With a bit of luck and patience, you won't have to have any more flare-ups because the Strips will have done their work and you're healthier all over!

Inner Issues

My final tip for sensitive skin, maybe as a last resort, is this...

You might consider also doing some inner work.

Maybe this isn't the case for you, but I've seen that sometimes people who develop rashes or other issues, are subconsciously resistant to the patches. If you can deal with your body rejecting them subconsciously, the problem goes away.

By definition, of course, if it's "subconscious" we aren't aware of it! Whether there's resistance or not, though, doing some deeper work can speed up the healing process, so you're using this truly healing technology for your best benefit.

Two very helpful treatments for this are EFT and MAP Coning.

Dedicated to Your and the Earth's Wellness,

Erin D.    
 Erin's Promise to the Earth ©


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