Skin Absorption 
with Transdermal Delivery
Transdermal delivery is the fancy word for through-the-skin absorption. In other words, by sticking a medicated patch on your skin, you absorb the goodies directly into your bloodstream.

It's the new-and-improved method for taking medications. "Eating" your medicine is definitely "old school." Wink ©

It may seem surprising to "pop pills" with pain relief patches that stick on your skin, because we're not used to considering our skin as a digestive organ.

But it's incredibly good at it! It's been shown that anything you put on your skin shows up in your bloodstream within 30 seconds!

This is a proven science, as you may have seen on Dr. Oz's show about pain relief patches (although those were drugs, not natural healing agents). Through-the-skin absorption is becoming standard because it's so effective.

4 Big Benefits to Through-the-Skin Absorption

There are 4 main reasons that topical delivery is becoming the trend, especially for pain medications (both natural pain relief and chemical medicines).

Digestion Reduces Effectiveness

The biggest benefit to through-the-skin absorption is that it avoids the complication of having to go through the digestive system. This is really valuable because when you eat herbs or other medicine, it has to pass through the destructive process of digestion, losing some or even most of its value.

A topical application like pain relief patches bypasses all that, and delivers the needed medicine directly into the bloodstream.

Some compounds are particularly sensitive to digestion, like Korean Red Ginseng's Saponin. Considering that it's turning out to be a sort of miracle cure for so many things, you don't want to waste most of it in your stomach acids! Wink ©

Greater Control

Another key factor in medical interest in transdermal delivery is that you get much more control over how much medicine is actually absorbed.

When you eat it, the dosage you actually receive is more iffy. You can never be sure exactly how much will make it through the digestive system unchanged and able to do its job. They also get diluted by whatever's in your stomach.

You get more of the active compounds into your bloodstream when you bypass the digestive system altogether.

Fewer Side-Effects

In some cases, you can avoid some of the harmful or unpleasant side-effects of medicines by avoiding the digestive process, such as upset stomach, bleeding in the stomach (as aspirin can cause), and drowsiness.

Of course, this isn't an issue with a natural pain reliever like Power Strips, but with chemical medications it's another good reason to use through-the-skin absorption.

Time Release

When you are absorbing the nutrients or medications through a skin patch, it doesn’t flood into your system all at once. Your skin absorbs it slowly over so many hours.

This means transdermal delivery systems safely release the active ingredients over time, giving you the best possible results.

It's like a natural, built-in time release, which is ideal — especially for pain relief!

Power Strips Have Their Own Reasons

There are 3 additional benefits to using topical application with Power Strips in particular...

  • You get to apply pain relief directly to where you need it most!
  • You get the vital healing nutrients of nature's original SuperFood delivered right into your cells through the bloodstream. (And even more so through the Synergy Effect).
  • You get the benefit of a lightweight, portable far-infrared (FIR) treatment...

Portable Far-Infrared Treatment Device

This is something that's totally unique to FGXpress Power Strips, and it's based on this topical delivery system: there is elemental Germanium built into every patch. And what this does is infuse your body with far-infrared energy!

There are many reported health benefits to far-infrared treatments, and it's used in hospitals and healing clinics around the world.

If you know about far-infrared healing, you’ll remember a big clunky device you couldn't possibly have lugged around with you! You'd have to sit with it, while it worked.

Yes it was effective, but it was also time-consuming, costly, and awkward.

Now you just slap on a patch and go on with your life! It gives you energy and healing where you need it the most.

All day and all night, without doing anything special, you're getting ongoing healing and energy infusion with your own far-infrared treatment.

Power Strips Are Designed To Be Gentle

If you've ever had an unpleasant reaction to tapes or such on the skin, you might be concerned about sticking a pain relief patch on yourself. You don't need to worry with FGXpress Power Strips though.

Power Strips have been specially designed for sensitive skin. They are...

  • Natural
  • Water soluble
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Designed for regular daily use
FGXpress's patented process makes the adhesive a skin-friendly product — unlike most adhesives in the pain-relief field, which are pretty caustic to the skin and irritate skin with regular use.

People with skin issues will be less sensitive to Power Strips than to other stick-to-skin products. In fact, with regular use, your skin becomes less hypersensitive in general.

(Have extra-sensitive skin? Find out whether Power Strips will work for you, with this article on Sensitive Skin.)

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