Top 10 Reasons Why
Some Stop Using Power Strips

Not everyone who tries the Power Strips will keep using them. I find this fascinating and mystifying, since you couldn't tear me away from mine with a crowbar!

How could people not want to use them, once they've experienced the benefits of using them??

I couldn't understand it at all, so I set out to investigate.

Here's what I found...

Top Reasons People Stop Using Power Strips

10 —

"They're too expensive."     (Usually said while sipping the 3rd $5 cup of coffee of the day and popping a handful of expensive and useless nutritional supplements. Wink © )

9 —

"They make me itchy."     (Unpleasant, I agree. Usually this indicates they shouldn't be left on quite as long. Sweat can do that too, so avoid putting Power Strips in major sweat-zones. More such helpful tips can be found in How to Use Your Power Strips)

8 —

"They make my skin red."     (Um, yeah! That's the far-infrared working !)

7 —

"No, I mean, they make my skin irritated and sore."     (Oh! Gotcha! I know, sometimes this can happen to certain types of very sensitive skin. It's generally an indication that the body's system is so out of balance that the skin can't adjust to even minor changes easily.

The sad thing is so many people give up then!

I've found that if people continue to use the strips, in a special way to minimize the issue, skin actually gets healthier and stronger in general, and no longer bothered by the strips in particular!

Over time, as the Power Strips increase the body's health in every way, that naturally includes the skin — as people have found with acne and varicose veins as well.)

6 —

"I just forget."     (Oh, my. To me, this is like forgetting to eat. I don't know about others, but my body gives me plenty of signals that it needs a Power Strip. Pain! Lack of mobility. Low energy. Muscle fatigue. Bad sleep. Foggy brain. Catching every bug that goes around. Etc. )

5 —

"They smell funny."     (Hmmm... That's the ginseng. It fades quickly, and is certainly not going to harm anyone.

Plus, ya get used to it.

In fact, one signal my body gives me about how it loves Power Strips is the way it responds to the scent! After I'd used them for about a week, my body recognised how much they benefitted me. Now, whenever I smell a patch right out of the pouch, my body sits up and goes "YUMMMMM!!! Gimme gimme gimme!!!" Smilie © )

4 —

"I don't have a computer (or credit card) or don't know how to order online."     (For goodness sake, please call me! We can figure out a way to get them to you, even if I have to mail them to you myself! No one should have to miss out on this gift when we can work around this kind of thing.)

3 —

"I don't like how they feel."     (Actually, this one is usually a disguise. It tends to mean the number 2 excuse...)

2 —

"It's hard to break a habit, even one that's bad for me. And it's a habit to feel bad."     People don't want to say this out loud, and sometimes they're not even aware that this — or something like it — is what they really mean when they come up with other excuses not to use the strips.

And I understand this, I really do; I've been there! It's like we get comfortable with how things are, even if they aren't that great! And sometimes we start to identify ourselves with our pain or illness or weakness, and don't know who we'll be if we aren't those things anymore. Who would we be if we felt good, were healthy and energised, and had no pain??

The answer, of course, is — We'd be the people we were really meant to be, living our lives to the fullest, feeling our best, being part of things rather than on the periphery watching.

You can see that I'm a little passionate about this. Having sat on the sidelines for far too much of my life due to pain and fatigue, it's important to me to help everyone be as alive as possible!

So all I can say to this is, I know it's uncomfortable, but do yourself a favour and bear with it a little while. It's worth it; I promise! Once you start feeling so good, you won't want to stop!)

1 —

"I don't know; I just don't want them."     Another version of this is, "It's too much bother." (This is the saddest reason of all. What's really going on here? Are people really saying, "I just don't really want to feel better"???)

But There's Always Hope...

Speaking with a friend of mine who used to work for a homeopath, this is really common! Many people will find something that makes them feel better or get more healthy, and they'll just drop it after a while.

Ironically, these people will often start trying all kinds of other "miracle" products instead, paying lots of money, getting poor results, and sometimes horrible "side-effects." Instead of sticking with something that actually works!

I kinda understand. I had chronic fatigue for YEARS, and it was horrible and crippling and miserable. Yet I recognised in me, at the moment when it became possible to shift out of chronic fatigue and into health and energy, a part of me hesitated! I actually saw myself weighing my options!

Turned out, though I'd never seen it til that moment, there were actually some benefits I was gaining by being so weak and sick!

Useless, pointless benefits. Wink © But benefits.

Since there are no logical reasons why we'd simply not bother to feel better, there must be underlying emotional reasons that we're not even aware of.

That's why I find the last reason — in fact, all of them — so sad. People don't even know why they're choosing to feel bad!!

I always wish I could help them, but really I can't do anything. Maybe they'll choose something else, one day, and then I'll be here, jubilant to be able to help at last.

Dedicated to Your and the Earth's Wellness,

Erin D.    
 Erin's Promise to the Earth ©


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